22 June, 2017

"And just like that..."

Watching "A Single Man" always helps when dealing with the emotional consequences of nuclear winter. Or listening to Tsaikovsky's Symphony No. 1, "Winter Dreams."

Here's a crazy idea for a summer job: get grant funding to finish an eight-movement symphonic poem! One of the movements has already been played by an orchestra, albeit just a read-through, enough to confirm my interest in someday completing it. At the time I started composing it, my experience of return, of isolation, and of 20th century harmony was incomplete. Now, I think I'm ready to finish "The Country of the Pointed Firs: Tone poem for Symphony and narrator."

But of course that's a long shot, and it's not as though I'd get any support from my siblings. They could surprise me. I'll be contemplating the path of aesthetic and ascetic fine artist vis a vis the path of the saint and reading Schopenhauer, meanwhile.

Speaking of against all odds, I'm  blogging on a phone using phone camera pics because my laptop's logic board is shorting - a $730 replacement and nobody but Gary called to ask how the day was (discouraged? Often. Frustrated? Perennially!). But I went to the Career Center, got a library card, and checked out some "light reading." And then made art in the kitchen - haddock with lemon butter, garlic, tarragon, paprika; green beans sauteed with onion and tomato; brown basmati on a bed of spring greens. Twas a splendid summer solstice!