07 April, 2017

... without form and void / spiegel im spiegel

Today is 11 Nisan 5777 : Parashat Tzav - In Diaspora

A poem for today by Billy Collins: "Litany"

You are the bread and the knife,
The crystal goblet and the wine...
-Jacques Crickillon

Here's today's mediation timer, "Spiegel Im Spiegel," By Estonian minimalist-postmodernist Eastern Orthodox Christian composer Arvo Part. I might enjoy playing this as a duet with you. It is the most calming piece of music i know, and the title translates to "Mirror in Mirror." Please associate it with reflective thought, and with the possibilities that open when we understand ourselves as another person's living mirror.

I need to sing you a New Story of Crevolution.

The problem is, you can't read me. We are interacting in a mediated experience.

You already know how to read media. I identify Joss Whedon's SERENITY as "The message is the medium."

Please understand when i write in all caps i'm not using a shouting voice. I want to draw attention to the term because it is a title, the title of a mediated narrative. All-caps terms in this text can be considered a code referring to concepts or narratives i find worth highlighting, and summarizing a text with all-caps titles mirrors something i need to show you about the Hebrew language, the language of Abrahamic awareness: It is worlds within worlds. Letters summarize words. Words summarize Stories. A moment can be a thousand years.


Please note, i may cite narratives i have not read. In the code we are already actively using, a narrative's title may be considered a summary of its contents.

Citation is a practice we already practice in a variety of ways, for example:

sutta : Scripture :: style : Turabian

This is an analogy. You may already recognize it as such. If so, please look up affirmation in your body's dictionary of emotive states. If you already actively practice affirmation, you're well on the way to MIRACLE WORKER status in hivemind. If not, you may be a diligent worker bee, and i affirm your diligence.

Italics is my subtle voice: "Sotto voce," in musical terms.

As you read this i want you to be carefully attuned for the presence of sarcasm. It is a Voice i will do my best to avoid, although it is closely related to irony, and some things are inevitably ironic. Should you experience sarcasm in the presence of irony, please practice forgiveness. It is a code error and i do not want you to amplify it. This may create a negative emotional feedback loop.

Sotto voce terms in the text may be thought of as "whispers" or "inside voice." I use sotto voce in order to draw a subtler attention to the word.

This blog is the story of my Lived Existence. I relate my existence to many, many texts.

For example, you may encounter me in social psychology textual awareness as LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS.


This is a .gif. It should be pronounced with a hard G sound, if we're speaking Abrahamically. (I believe this is the internet's last word on the subject.)

I invite you to join me on this mountainside. It is an awareness i identify as zen.

I want you to practice trust. As you read this blog from now on you're going to feel a lot of emotions. You may not already practice conscious awareness of you're emotions. To that i say:

Group hug. Reading this blog while focusing on your breathing will make that feel like a group hug. I promise. If you don't feel group hug when you're reading from now on, that means my message isn't getting through.


I hope you practiced rest when you decoded that jump. Consider the rest of this page a freefall. Trust me to catch you.

You already know i will because you already know ILY / AHO

Oops. Did you just go "That doesn't make sense!"

I know you did, because you didn't properly decode a "bilingual acro-palindrome" (new term? yay science!). You may be a Palin drone. I don't think you're an idiot, though you may have idiom issues.

I feel like giving myself a powerhug now, so i'm going to start signing off. I invite you to reflect on this text while listening to the rest of the timer track. I'm going to practice rest.

I'm setting the intention to greet today as a sabbatical experience, because one week of years since my college graduation, i think it's only appropriate to present myself as a candidate for the first ever Christian Homeschool Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Abrahamic Media self-studies, or I AMs.

You may not recognize that i already possess this degree of discipline. You may experience a lot of surprise in the near future. Pay attention to surprise. It's a great emotion in the overall joke of life.

One final thought: If you want, set an intention with me. I'm actively working to construct sabbath awareness in my lived experience. If you already practice sabbath, you're halfway to experiencing jubilee.


Before we go, a blessing for the day:

Baruch Ata Adonai, Melekh ha'olam. Shehechiyanu v'kiyimanu v'higiyanu la'zman hazeh.

(Please associate the Shehechiyanu with wonder, awe, delight.)

I do want to reiterate a preferred feedback mechanism: a system of symbols. It symbolizes a continuum of affective experience from 0 to 10, where 0 represents a happy face, or "no hurt" and 10 represents a crying face, or "hurts worst." You may already be familiar with this symbolic system, as it is widely used by medical professionals. It is called the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale.

1. What was your overall affective experience in terms of the Wong-Baker scale?
2. Did you spend any excess music time in restive reflection?

Love Overcomes Varied Experiences, Life is frelling beautiful. Freeing Understanding Consecrates Knowledge, in general.