24 June, 2015

A dispatch from the kitchen

Since rather abruptly becoming former employee of a now-defunct website, the past few months have been a rough ride, prompting a good bit of introspection. I've also had a bit of time on my hands, and while i rather firmly believe time is more valuable than money it is, like money, something to invest. For several years i've attempted with fits and starts to take up bodybuilding, and while too often i've let life changes knock me off that horse, the progress i've seen since October of last year has spurred me to use some of the extra time to invest in developing more bulletproof habits of diet and athleticism.

Michael Matthews' book "The Shredded Chef" has been an inspiration, but i've never been one to follow recipes much. They always call for something i don't have. I'd rather use my senses and what's on special, and on occasion the results are worth sharing. With a bundle of soba noodles from the pantry, bottom round steak on special, and tuscan kale from the co-op, i turned to the kitchen garden for sungold and yellow pear tomatoes, basil, and green onions. A block of parmesan left behind by recently departed tenants provided the perfect finish.

You can't see the soba under there but, a buckwheat product that should be in every lifter's pantry, they're adding a little extra protein punch. With one bundle of noodles, 8 oz. of steak, about 2 cups tuscan kale, a handful of bell pepper, a dozen cherry tomatoes, and grated parmesan on top (the green onions and basil are negligible from a macro perspective), the two-serving recipe adds up to about 950 calories, 23g fat, 88g carbohydrates, and a whopping 93g of protein. Hard to beat those macros for bulking.

It also helps, being between jobs, to really savor life and the simple gifts it brings - to appreciate what i've learned of food from family and friends over the years, and how growing your own food, even just a few cherry tomatoes, nourishes both body and spirit. And food so good it seems amiss not to say grace.