27 October, 2010

The "Wheaties" do Denmark.... a prologue

There's been strangely little chance to collect my thoughts on these long days of riding from farm to farm and filming the learning process. I find myself struggling for a decent title to describe the week, something more fluid than "Travelling the Danish bread wheat system with researchers, farmers, and millers from New England". The above title is what i've got. And that's all you'll get - for now, at least. I'll be trying to synthesize the experience at our thirteen stops into a quick written overview, in part a practical exercise to get my head around the task of editing over ten hours of video that resembles "found footage" more than it makes a coherent narrative. But until i watch some of that footage, the experience remains a mental soup, a hodgepodge of characters, impressions, agronomic details, and places whizzing past at 110km/h - and all the still photos are on other people's digital cameras.

So this is what i can write for now, from a hotel in Gentofte. Meanwhile, if you can think of a better title, i'm all ears.

The next few posts describe our travels through Denmark, and you can also watched the finished "Local Bread Wheat in Denmark" videos