25 September, 2010

Trip planning: Reykjavik and vicinity

It's a raw and rainy day in Maine, and i'm listening to Sigur Ros' "Starálfur", dreaming of an Icelandic landscape. Sending couchsurf requests (see my profile) and thinking about what i can accomplish in three or four days. Of course, ideal if i could stay with Raggi, a self-proclaimed "hard core fisherman" who lives on Red Bull and works as a bouncer on weekends - something about that suggests to me the true Iceland experience. Fingers crossed about the 37% response rate.

Take a one-hour layover, and stretch it to four days. What do you see? I take the library-use-only Lonely Planet into the Oakes Room cafe, marking my place with a torn-off teabag tab and reshelving it afterwards like a true library rebel. A short list accumulates: the blue lagoon is popular, and i've seen the "Golden Circle tour" mentioned more than once.

What i really want is this: to see something spectacular, within a day's reach of Reykjavik, but just off the beaten path. To find some greenhouse operation and learn how Icelanders grow their veggies. To hitch a day's ride on a fishing boat. What locals live, and tourists miss entirely. If you can help with that, i'd love to hear from you!

Oh, and then we can top it off with a thermal pool swim and a night at the disco.