10 June, 2010

Suly 3: Take my picture

Though in many ways i blend in here, the backpack is a trigger for "hello" in English. Even if they can't say anything else. These guys were making bread in a traditional clay oven, and they called me over to chat. One pulled balls of dough from a larger lump; another was removing the finished flatbread. They gave me a tin bowl - too broad to call a cup - full of cold water, and as i drank it a policeman and a soldier  ambled over to say hello as well.

Down a side street i saw a jumble of construction, and stopped to take a picture of the workmen in their traditional clothes. This fellow saw me taking the picture, and when i turned around, he wanted his picture taken as well. He was slowly mixing cement, dipping water from these barrels, and looked so proud. This picture - this man - deserved a post all its own.