22 May, 2010

Night in Kaş

backdate: 19 May

...is a photographer's white-balancing nightmare. The mixture of tungsten, fluorescent, and god-knows-what-else had me thouroughly baffled - until my batteries ran out. Then it was time to sit back and enjoy Kaş.

A little less than an hour west of Demre, Kaş is a remarkably different town. Smaller, and more resort-like, it draws international tourism to streets full of shops and cafes. The vibe here strangely reminds me of Bar Harbor, to be honest. If Bar Harbor had palm trees.

We arrived to the drums and brass of a school band: an evening parade to celebrate Youth and Sports Day. Then it was an evening of wandering the cobblestones: we ate pizza on the sidewalk, then moved to an open-air cafe for hot drinks - the evening was growing cool - and cheesecake. After tea, it was on to Queen Bar where we danced until three AM. In the nearly deserted bar, we essentially had a private DJ, who played about half of our fifteen or so requests. 

If you are heading to Kaş, i have one recommendation: don't plan to sleep on the in-town beach. It's rather narrow and rocky. Instead, we spread towels on a construction site - the only place we could find sand - and woke shivering an hour later. Exhausted, after an early breakfast of lentil soup, we took the 8AM bus back to Demre.