09 May, 2010

Morning on the Fatih Express

backdate: 7 May

....and it was a long wait. The three AM train was delayed until five, so thanks to a helpful station attendant, i switched tickets to board the Fatih Express at 4:30. On the platform i met a talkative Bulgarian, and proceeded to get no sleep whatsoever. But the night was worthwhile. Morning broke as the Anatolian landscape rolled past, a little slower, a little clearer.

With Plamen and his cellphone full of rap tunes for company, i felt as though i'd stepped into a hybrid of Liev Schreiber's "Everything is Illuminated" and Wes Anderson's "Darjeeling Limited".

Well before six AM we headed to the dining car for beer and french fries. The waiters looked about how i felt. Seven thirty we watched the YHT blur by on its first run of the day. I probably shouldn't have posted the dining car picture considering how miffed the head waiter was when i took it... but it's kind of priceless. File under - Morning on the Fatih Express.