28 January, 2010

Under Construction

Have you ever thought how rare it is to see a place of worship under construction? I didn't until this morning, when i saw the dome and minarets of a nascent mosque sheathed in scaffolding.

Consider this blog likewise in process, a work in progress in more than a simply chronological sense. You, my readers, began as an audience of friends, and may soon grow to include others who navigate this-ward from the University of Maine website. Here's hoping it spreads even further from there.

Now that i've caught up on the flurry of transition, and have a solid list of future "rainy-day" topics, it's time to think about approach. My goal is to post daily at least a single paragraph and photograph on some topic, supplemented as possible, and envisioned as less a running personal narrative than a collection of insights and reflections anchored in that narrative. To that end, i welcome constructive criticisms of format and content at any time.